Brian Cheek is cheeky.  His love of word games and subtle sarcasm purvey his communication.  He secretly worships cats for their ability to sleep all day.  Father of three, he does not allow his age to define his state of mind.  Brian is a dreamer.  He is equal parts creative and perfectionist.  The mash-up of which culminates in the perfect procrastinator. He spends countless hours at night pouring over music and formatting playlists, only to fall asleep in front of the computer in the very early morning hours.  

Carisa Bitting resides mostly in her head. Three words that could be used to describe her are: mother, foodie, and do-er. She cannot comfortably abide in her surroundings unless she can rearrange them at least once a season. Being pulled in many directions by the ideas she generates, Carisa is constantly looking for new projects to accomplish.


A Brief History

Brian and Carisa first met in 1997 in Enid, Oklahoma.  There was an obvious connection from the start.  Eighteen years, two never-obtained college degrees, countless years of food service and three children later, they remain stuck together.  A mutual love of food, the arts, local culture, whiskey and family keep them grounded and sane.