Testing a cinnamon roll recipe:  can it really be that damn good?

Testing a cinnamon roll recipe: can it really be that damn good?

Testing a cinnamon roll recipe: can it really be that damn good?

What do you remember when you think: Cinnamon Roll?  No introduction is needed for this pastry.  We all know damn well what significance the cinnamon roll holds for each of us.

 At the very least, a temptation.  

So, I thought I had the best cinnamon roll recipe, egotistical turd, that I am.  But I didn't.  And I get a major kick out of testing recipes.  Pitting them against my most loved ones because I love to prove myself wrong.

I recently began work developing pastry recipes for a new breakfast + lunch elevated diner concept establishing itself in the Plaza District.  Since cinnamon rolls were on the menu, testing was in order.  I started with a recipe I had used at Prairie Thunder Baking Company.  Because I was testing at home instead of a professional kitchen, my results were different.   The recipe was a disappointment when I made it at home.

I am not interested in clinging to a shitty recipe, so I decided to search for something new.  This recipe fell into my lap as a thoughtful gift from my mom-in-law.  No search needed.

This was the recipe I was looking for. 

I tweaked it just a little, because that's what I do.

Yes, this cinnamon recipe is really that damn good.

I'm obviously not following directions.  I melt the butter with the milk.  Bring the temp up till it feels warm, but not hot.  

I don't have much shelving in my kitchen and the best lighting is smack-dab at my kitchen sink. And who the hell doesn't love a pony?  This one was my dad's when he was a kid back in the late 50's + early 60's.  The Magic Pony.


You are going to want to make sure to wrap the dough really well.  It matters that air has the potential to get into your dough and shorten it's shelf-life.  If you wrap it well, you can keep it refrigerated 1-3 days before use.  Or you can freeze it for 1 week.  You should probably wrap it three times before throwing it in the freezer.  Seriously.


Now for the filling.  Everyone knows the basic filling.  Slather melted butter on the rolled out dough and then smother it in the cinnamon + brown sugar mixture.  Toasted + ground or chopped nuts are a natural addition.  Ground flax seed can be added for the people that give a crap about their health and want to feel better about eating a cinnamon roll.  

You can put whatever the hell you want in it.



Don't be miserly with the butter.  


Now, roll that shit up and cut it as thick or thin as you want.  I like big cinnamon rolls so I usually cut mine around 1 1/2" - 2".  But cut them like YOU want.

Let them proof.  They need an environment with warmth + moisture.  Put them in a pan lightly coated with non-stick spray.  Cover the pan tightly with plastic wrap and put them in a sunny + warm spot in your kitchen.  Or anywhere in your house.  Let them grow + rise until they are almost double in size.  The time it can take for this to happen depends on the environment.  It will take at least 30 minutes - 1 1/2 hours.

Take off the plastic wrap + bake them in a 350 degree oven until golden brown and baked through the middle.  Depending on your oven, 12-20 minutes.  Watch them carefully.

When they are done baking, put whatever the hell you want on them.  

Happy eating.

Bake from Scratch Cinnamon Rolls are legit.